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Tikkio at Jugendfest 2019

25,000 people. 2 days. 1 Ticket System - How does Jugendfest manage to sell out every year?

Jugendfest is held at Color Line Stadium in Ålesund, Norway and the festival has managed to sell out in recent years.

That’s a lot of people! A total of 25,000 people were present this year, distributed across the floor, the stands and the VIP premises.

The fact that it was sold out says a lot about the confidence that Jugendfest has gained over the years.

That all earlybird tickets for Jugendfest 2020 have been ripped away in a few minutes after this year’s event, says even more.

Ante and Lars Giskeødegård are owners and share the main responsibility for running Momentium – a festival organizer with several other festivals in the backpack: Summer festival at Giske, Ålesund Live, Utopia in Stavanger and Festningen in Trondheim.

In addition, they organize a number of major concerts: Elton John, Sting, Mark Knopfler, A-ha and other world names have visited Ålesund with the help of Momentium.

So what’s the secret?

“Everything is connected to everything. It’s about seeing the whole event as a whole. You have to have the big idea, the good booking, know which artist can hit. Then the work starts with the details.”

How is it marketed and to whom and at what time?

“Find the right place and make sure that logistics and infrastructure hold on. Then create a framework around the artist and stage performance that provides something more. Supporting this as a social event. Food, drink, service levels and security should be as expected – and preferably above. “

Recipe, which is clearly defined responsibility for individuals internally and on the supplier side, is high mutual trust and pulling the load together in thick and thin over time is the recipe, says Ante and Lars.

In fact, Tikkio was developed in response to another ticket system collapsing in conjunction with Jugendfest 2011, and Momentium has been a major contributor to the development.

From 2012, Tikkio has been a proud supplier of ticket and merchandise sales to Jugendfest, 1800 other organizers and thousands of events.

Jugendfest and 1800 other organizers are already using Tikkio. If you are interested in trying it, it can be done for free to create an organizer account with the lowest commission on the market obtained and without bond

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