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Tikkio in 2018 – and beyond

Our roundup of 2018 shows great growth and focus on functionality for organizers - the new year will bring POS to the platform.

Great Growth

Tikkio have had yet another good year. We accomplished to keep the prices low and offer more functionality. This is of course a popular combination that is popular. We have recently reached 1.400 organizer accounts, against 900 same time last year. We have proximity 300.000 registered end users, before this year comes to an end, and 160 MNOK passes through our system this year. That’s an increase of 52% compared to last year.

Functionality for organizers in focus

A lot of new functionality has been added during 2018 – especially for organizers. Since the beginning we have been focusing on our end user expiring and we have been finetuning on the purchase flow. But last fall we launched multiple news that first and foremost will benefit you as an organizer. Both when you’re planing, execute and evaluate your events. This will still be in our focus in the time coming.   

Little activity / turnover through Tikkio?

Some experience very little pre-sales through Tikkio. We will gladly help you with how marketing, pricing mechanisms, etc. can help to boost your pre-sales. We can give you some pointers and give you better liquidity, better planning and confidence before the start of your event. Tikkio is still driven and owned by professionals, and we would rather share our experience.

Checklist for organizers

We have made a checklist of actions you can use to improve your event HERE. You can cross check with the list to make sure you have remembered everything.

Cash register and payment terminal in progress

We are well underway in a process that makes it possible for us to offer an contactless solution as well as payment terminals that integrates Tikkio beyond our popular online ticketing solution. Simultaneously are we updating our scanner app both on design and functionality. It’s our goal to have our terminals/scanners ready for the upcoming summer.

We take this opportunity to thank you for this year and look forward to the continuation!


  • 52% growth rate
  • Focus on organizer functionality
  • Marketing assistance
  • Event checklist for organizers
  • POS cash register coming in 2019

Do you have any feedback for us?

I hope you experience the threshold to make contact as low as possible. Either at, on Facebook Messenger or by phone. This year we have also opened a LiveChat especially for organizers, so that the threshold becomes even smaller, and in the new year we launch a Knowledge Base with tutorials, tips & tricks and the other useful knowhow.

If you have inputs or comments, please do not hesitate to use these channels or reply to this email if you have any input for improvement.


CEO in Tikkio International | Co-owner - I have a background from communication, sales, product and business development. Solution-oriented and impatient by nature. My favorite tool is the video conference solution AppearIn. My greatest musical heroes are Leonard Cohen, Kurt Cobain and Kari Bremnes.