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Tikkio in 2019 and goals for 2020

Looking back on 2019, we still have high growth, a lot of new functionality and even less support requests.

High growth – low support request

It has been another good year for Tikkio. We have succeeded in keeping prices low and offering more and more functionality. This is obviously a combination that is catching more and more. Last year we passed 2100 organizer accounts, with around 650 new organizers this year alone. At the end of the year we passed 430,000 registered end customers and 220 million went through the solution.

We have got off to a good start in Denmark as a ticket solution for small and large organizers there. New countries are due for 2020.

What may be particularly gratifying is that the support share is still falling sharply from both organizers and end customers. That means we’re doing something right. We will continue with the attitude that every supporter request is a personal defeat for us working here; Tikkio should be a ticket system that is easy to use for everyone.

New apps

Last year, we also launched Tikkio Enter – an app for organizers that provides more functionality for managing escapes, including an offline feature that lets you scan faster and manage offline if it should fall out. New apps for end customers are also on the way.

Functionality with organizers in focus

A lot of new functionality has come into place in 2019 – especially for you organizers. Since the beginning, we have been very good at how the end-user experience with Tikkio is. In 2019, we have released many news items that primarily benefit the organizers when it comes to planning, conducting and evaluating events. This will also be the focus of the future.

Better sales

For you as an organizer, you have seen more and more tools for tracking marketing through Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Google. You can do this yourself during Event Manager Marketing. Here is a lot to pick up. We are happy to provide good advice on how marketing, pricing mechanisms (discounted advance sales etc.) etc. can boost your advance sales and give you better liquidity, better planning basics and confidence before the event starts. Tikkio is still run and owned by industry professionals, and through experience these years we have a lot to contribute.

We will continue to provide reports, functionality and advice that can contribute to better sales for you.

We take this opportunity to thank you for the year that was and look forward to the continuation!


  • High growth, low support
  • Focus on organizer functionality
  • Marketing help
  • Tikkio Enter app – for better access control

Do you have any feedback for us?

If you have any suggestions for improvements or anything else – get in touch via the chat function in Event Manager or

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