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Tikkio launches a donation solution, as well as sale of TBA-tickets

The corona virus has a lot of effects for the entire community. One of the industries that was hit the earliest and hardest was and is the organizer industry.

Most of the Norwegian organizers, artists, nightclubs, technicians and others who live by meeting people have had their foundations under their feet in a few days. Tikkio is an online system used by over 2000 organizers, artists and nightclubs in Norway and Denmark for the sale of tickets, goods and services.

– We were established by artists and organizers in our time and are still owned and run by industry professionals. We have had heavy days together the organizers and artists who use our solution today. After the initial shock, we decided to strike back to help save the industry we are so addicted to and happy with. Therefore, we are now launching a solution for donations to organizers, artists, nightclubs, technicians and everyone else who is hit, says Kjetil Aarseth, CEO of Tikkio.

Self-help at self-service

– We are run by industry professionals and recognize that we are completely dependent on the industry to survive. We offer the donation solution at a cost, so that most of the business falls to the industry. Anyone who uses the donation solution is continuously paid 96% of what comes in. We donate another 1% to the many great industry organizations that are now fighting for artists, organizers, nightclubs and other cultural workers to

could face a brighter future. There is a lot of extra work in the new functionality and we cover everything from transaction costs to the banks, server rent and everything from administration. If we are lucky, we may be able to approach our diet, Aarseth hopes.

For all

In addition to the many organizers and artists already registered with Tikkio, it is possible for new organizers and artists to register almost at the minute. All you need is an organization number. Most people in the target group have this. Should someone not have this in place with someone in need, Tikkio will help them get started with a more manual solution.


Those with an organizer account can, with one click via Tikkio’s publishing system, activate a donation button, so those who want to donate can start giving immediately.

  • In the crisis we have been in for a few days, we already see discussions on social media of most people want to help an organizer, artist, other cultural workers can stand stronger in the future. We now offer a framework for the orderly transfer of money directly to those who need it most, says Aarseth.


One day, the crisis is over and people can start meeting again at cultural events. But no one knows when yet. But one day it will be. Tikkio has therefore also launched a ticket type that they have the choice to call “TBA-tickets”. Then the audience can buy tickets for their favorite artist now, give the artist confidence and better finances, and even have something to look forward to.

The artists Tikkio has been talking to through hectic days and nights in the development process wanted an alternative to donations. “We would prefer to act,” he said. So now they have the opportunity to get paid now for appearances when people can meet safely again.


While donations and tickets to the Post Korona event are innovations, Tikkio’s regular ticket solution can also be used for ticket sales to the many appearances that come forward via webcam and social media. For organizers, the sale of tickets to these events involves just as much settlement and reporting as any regular concert. This also facilitates the administration afterwards with a view to reporting to the tax authorities and rights organizations.

– For a while, this form of live play is the new norm. Then both artists, organizers and we have to adapt to it. With our ticket solution, the audience can buy tickets as quickly and easily as before, and get access to the concerts by link or otherwise, says Aarseth

More to come

After the new services have been tested by organizers and artists in recent days, we feel confident that we are launching a service that is good enough in the short time we have had. Now we will see how this develops and continue to adapt the solution.

– We do not disregard that there may be some hiccups in the beginning after a development process that has been going on in record time. We ask for patience and feedback on how we can get even better, says Aarseth.

Account, Customer success & Content Manager in Tikkio Denmark.
I am a former musician with an MSc in Economics and Business Administration. Pragmatist, with broad knowledge in sub-cultures. I enjoy working with the CRM-tool Pipedrive, and have a great big love for the 1960s soul and beat music as well as Veronica Maggio.