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Top 5 support requests and event related issues

In this post you will find the most frequently asked questions that arise in connection with an event.

For us, who operate a ticket system, we see a pattern, in the inquiries and issues that are connected with events. Such inquiries take time and more importantly; It costs you as an organizer money, and end up with people choosing not to buy a ticket.

1: Accompanying evidence

If you accept accompanying evidence as validity of participation, please write it. In all circumstances. If you don’t, write it too, BUT it is not advisable to have such a practice. Appealing to people who need companions to gain good cultural experience must be a goal for all of us. For example, write. “We accept proof of attendance. This means that the person who needs the companion buys the ticket while the companion needs a valid proof”.

2: Adaptation to the disabled

Remember to write how the event is adapted to the disabled in the description. Own stand, private entrance, own parking space?

3: Age limits?

Enter the age limit in the description each time, at each event. Be sure of the age limit before entering it. If you change it later, chances are that somebody has bought a ticket before the change and then problems may arise.

4: When does the artist / artists play ?

For events that last for several days, it is a good idea to write what day and time the artists are playing – otherwise you will find that many have questions about this. Not everyone wants to buy tickets for several days if they only have an interest in one artist. Opens the doors early and lets the artist go on later – typical standup / revue etc. – Remember to enter when the event starts and ends.

5: What can the audience bring with their own things?

This is typical of outdoor festivals. To avoid many issues and annoyance in advance, this is essential. Make it very clear what can bring in the description also on Tikkio – umbrellas, chairs, bottles, camera etc


  • The most frequently asked questions for support are; 

    • whether you accept companion evidence

    • facilitation for the disabled

    • age limits

    • when playing the artists and about

    • what the audience can bring with them into the venue.

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