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Organizers terms | English

Our pricing is extremely transparent and we have no binding – so these are the very simple terms for selling tickets on our platform

Update: Corona outbreak and cancellation or relocation of events

Both Tikkio's obligations and our organizers' obligations regarding purchases and event descriptions, including the organizer's responsibility for the performance of the event, including the ticket buyer's right to reimbursement, terminate if the event is affected by a Force Majeure situation before or during the event. By Force Majeure is meant causes that are beyond Tikkio's and / or the organizer's reasonable control, such as major outbreaks, national security orders or instructions from national or local authorities.


OBS! PayEx, which is our payment provider, tells us that they have opted to deviate from current payment and will withhold funds from both you as organizers and Tikkio (commission) so far and until the relevant event is completed. This justifies those with the risk that an arrangement will not be implemented due to quarantine restrictions due to coronavirus.

What we do now:

● We at Tikkio believe that PayEx should continue to make ongoing payments, and we are in contact with PayEx about this.

● We continue to work for PayEx to pay as usual.

● We provide technical support to organizers who need help moving events or offers at a substitute event (s).


Our recommendations for you as an organizer?

● Follow the public in this situation where events are postponed or canceled due to infection.

● Inform through the event pages that you are aware of the situation and are closely monitoring developments

● Consider the opportunity to move the events and offer replacement events

● Consider whether to maintain ticket sales for events scheduled within an expected period of quarantine restrictions.

● Consider the risk of PayEx continuing to withhold ticket revenue coming in now and whether this is something you can live with

We fight for cultural life, the audience and the organizers. A prerequisite for the culture to survive is that cash flows are maintained and that organizers can conduct their events with predictability and liquidity.

We hope the industry returns to normal soon.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Organizer terms


Tikkio is a service to help you as an organizer and seller. We supply a piece of software developed for event and ticket administration and sales. When you create an organizer account, you get access to our Event Manager backend, and can put any event or ticket on sale through our platform.


The buyers are in a business relationship with you as a seller and have no rights towards Tikkio, who solely serve as an intermediate with PayEx as the payment provider.


Tikkio receives 4% of all your sales through the platform. The commission is automatically deducted from your sales.


Every Wednesday you'll receive a payout report, listing all your events, all your sales and Tikkio's commission. Your total net sales will be paid out to your bank account the same day from the payment provider PayEx.

During holidays the reports and payouts might be delayed due to banking opening hours.


Tikkio can technically assist with the refunding of tickets, but you need to provide guarantees to Tikkio before refunding can take place.

In any case, Tikkio is never obligated to handle or help with refunds - as the business relationship is between the organizer and the customer.

Organizer support

The organizer handles all sales and administration from the Tikkio Event Manager, but Tikkio is available for support and tech queries through multiple channels.

Customer support

Tikkio delivers support to any customer who reaches out, but as Tikkio is solely an intermediate, we will redirect any requests to the organizer, if the query is not regarding technical issues or the likes on the platform.

User terms

When you agree to our "Organizer terms", you also agree to our "General terms of use".