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Automatic release timers

Tikkio has made it easier to automate your publications. You schedule the release on both your event and your tickets.

As an organizer, it is not always possible to sit behind the screen when a new event is announced or new tickets go on sale. Therefore, Tikkio has made it possible to automate this.

Schedule and release of event

When you create a new event in Event Manager, you have the option to schedule the release. If you do not set the publish time, this must be done manually by clicking on the publish button located in the upper right corner when you click on the event.

Plan and release tickets

Have you released your event but are waiting to release your tickets? or have you used early bird tickets and want to switch to a regular fare? Then automated ticket release is the way forward. When you create tickets for your event, you can set the ticket release time exactly as you want and thus get a smooth transition in your ticket sales. Below you can also decide when your ticket sales will end. If this is not set in advance, tickets will automatically go on sale when the event is announced and end when the event ends.



  • You can now hourly release both event and tickets
  • If this is not set for creation, it must be done manually afterwards
  • Gives you the freedom to spend time other than sitting behind the screen

If you have any questions related to the publication or creation of events or tickets, you can always contact us at or via the chat feature in Event Manager.