Checklist for a successful event

Plan ahead

People are planning ahead. As soon as you have enough event details in place, tell about the event (with or without ticket open for sale) on social media, your own webpages, media, etc. so people can make place in their calendar.

Discounted pre-sale

By posting a certain number of tickets and / or for a certain period of time, you create a buzz. Make sure the discount is a good one, especially if it's a long time in advance. Earlybird tickets gives you cash flow well in advance of the event, gives you confidence and a hint of the interest, and not least, those who buy early will be good ambassadors for others. They will recruit new buyers for you - everyone wants to go to a concert , festival, standup, conference, trade fair etc. along with someone else.

Cheaper than in the door

Make sure people buy in advance, even if it's "just" the day before or the same day. The most effective here is to set a higher price in the door than via Tikkio. When people are on the spot and want to go in, the willingness to pay is very high. Customers paying by cash or card, takes a lot more time at the entrance than those that have prepaid and have their ticket ready for scanning. Combining this with earlybird and fast track for those who have pre-purchased, increases pre-purchase and reduces your administrative time to handle door sales.

Provide enough information

Be sure to write enough about your event.

  • Artist / program information: Make it as tempting and selling as possible. Include quotes, link to Spotify playlists, etc.
  • Age limit must be stated, reducing irritation among customers, supporter requests and refunds.
  • Write if you accept free entrance for those in the company of disabled.
  • Write about useful information for the disabled (parking, entrance, if there is an exclusive area for them etc.)
  • Give information on how people can get to the event.

Create an event on Facebook

Many people already follow you on Facebook and will see it when you create an event, and not least see it when others press "Interested" or "Attending" at your event. Enter the link to your event page on Tikkio, to ensure there is a short way from interest to actually purchasing.

Marketing in social media

Marketing in social media is often a cheap and effective way to reach your audience. Create sponsored events or news that you target against your intended audience. Enter parameters on geographic reach (eg within 30 km of event venue etc.), what interests they have (eg, artists they like etc.), assumed age range for primary audience etc. Get started with a target audience and gain experience with this, so you can customize your ad when you see how it works. If you do not have a clue on how to do this, please contact and we'll help you on your way

Reduce the distance to purchase

In order to ensure a direct route for the customer to purchase, link directly to your event page on Tikkio when you advertise. Do not just write "Tickets on Tikkio" etc.

Competitions in social media

Competitions engage. Get people who see news stories (whether sponsored or not) to press like, comment, etc. so that you create a buzz and get better coverage on the matter. When hundreds of people comment, the news is exposed to thousands of people. Giving away a ticket or to in a contest, is a cheap way to be more visible.

Optimize your own mailing list

Mailing lists can be a strong marketing tool. Subscribers to a news letter receive information from you directly in your inbox. You can start with a single newsletter, and then expand with subsegmentation of your subscribers later.

Conversion Tracking

If you go to Event Manager, then to Account and Reports, you'll see that Marketing has appeared as choice. Here you can see how your Facebook and Google advertising actually works by entering the id or tag for the respective campain. If you compare different campains over time, you will eventually get a better insight to what actually works. If you do have a clue how this works, please contact and we'll help you on your way

Engaging friends and staff

Ask people you know or who work with you to press "Like", "Interested", "Attending" and most importantly, share the event on social media. Give them free tickets or a discount to give them further incentives to help you out.

As for employees this help is more or less mandatory. Have a chat about this in staff meetings: What does the individual worker do to spread the knowledge of the events, secure income and thus his own workplace?

This increases the range, attention and opportunity of sales significantly, for free and with minimal time spent.

Go to the participant list on the event and see if there's someone you know there that you can ask to share a link to the Tikkio event and write something like "I am going, are you?"


Editorial content works well and is free without the use of to much time. Contact local / regional media and tell about what's going to happen. Think about the news value before you contact them. The more you have of pictures and information about artist, trade show, conference etc., the easier it is for the media to publish content about your event.

Event calendars

Most municipalities, regional newspapers, etc. cover what is happening in your area. Make sure your event is included in this overview. Also check the pages on sosial media if there are a market place etc. where news on what is going on is presented.

Tikkio also for free events

Use Tikkio also for free events. By setting up tickets costing nothing (0,-), so you get a better overview of how many people are coming. This is a more precise way to see how many will attend than the “Attend”-button on Facebook. Then you will also receive contact information and both you as an organizer and the audience will have more practise in the use of the solution. To ensure an even more realistic overview of how many people who will attend, you can also set the price symbolically low. Bring it down to a price that everyone can afford, but that makes people think before they choose to buy.

Track the sales rate - and take action

Use the Event Manager and the Tikkio Stats app diligently along the way to keep track of how much is sold. Are you on a route? If not, are there any actions you can do before the event starts? Keep in mind that your fixed costs for rent, employees, artists, etc. are present anyway and that a last effort with extra marketing and PR can be what really boosts profitability.

Scanners and networks

Make sure the device you are using to scan tickets etc. have a full battery, there is access to charing and that the wifi works well in advance of the start of the event. Go to Event Manager, the current event and select Scanners, and you'll see a manual on how to activate the scanner for the current event.

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Save culture

The Corona virus has enormous consequences for society as a whole, both when it comes to health and financially. One of the industries that was hit the earliest and hardest is the experience industry.

The majority of organizers, artists, nightclubs, technicians and others who make a living gathering people have lost their livelihoods and life's work from one day to the next.

We are now doing everything in our power to help save culture.

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