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Tikkio was started by festival people and culture lovers that wished for a cheaper and better solution than those available on the market. It's still the same people with the same goal.

Our services

Tikkio is a web-based solution for tickets and products that can be bought via websites and apps. This streamlines sales and reduces adminstration time and costs to delight you and your customers. Verification of the tickets and products happens e.g. at the entrance, the counter, the bar using our app on a smartphone or on an iPod/iPad.

All platforms

Both organizers and the audience can freely choose between both platforms for marketing, sale and purchase of tickets, products and services. Web, tablet and smartphones (iOS and Android) are all supported by Tikkio.

Product and ticket sale

By also offering the sale of beverages, food and transport on the same platform you as the organizer save administration time and get a better overview while the audience receives a better service. Tikkio replaces beverage tokens and comparable solutions, because the user can buy his tokens on the phone.

No hidden costs

Tikkio charges only 4% commission of the price the audience pays. There are no other costs like setup cost, ticket fees, termination fee, kickbacks or other underlying things. Moreover, support for both the organizer and audience are included in the price.

Continuous payout

What you as an organizer earn from Tikkio remains your money. 100% of the payments go directly to PayEx who split the amount and pay out 96% every Wednesday for earned income from the ticketing system or from products and services during the foregoing week including a detailed sales report. Tikkio receives its share at the same time which is what's left of 4% after bank transaction costs have been deducted. Since you are the seller in the transactions and you are paid in full (minus our 4% commision), the buyers of your services have no demands towards Tikkio when it comes to refunds etc.

No binding period

Long contracts and exclusivity agreements are common in the ticketing industry. We have no binding period and our organizers can leave whenever they wish, even when an event is ongoing and tickets are on sale. This is motivating everything we do: Our organizers stay, because they like us – not because they have to.


Send an e-mail to support@tikkio.com or call +47 411 49 000.

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Save culture

The Corona crisis has major implications for organizers, artists and the total live event industry. The best way for you to support them, is trough buying tickets for the events that are actually on sale.

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