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Spillestedet Stengade

Ny dato følger // Khemmis [US] + Special guests: Sourvein [US] - Iron Walrus [DE]
Organizer Spillestedet Stengade
Venue Spillestedet Stengade
Stengade 18, København, Danmark
Date 24. December 2023
Open from 20:00 to 02:00

OBS // Koncerten foregår ikke 24 desember, vi opdatere med ny dato så snart vi har bekræftet en. // OBS

Det er med stor fornøjelse at vi kan invitere jer til amerikanske Khemmis for første gang på dansk jord, bandet holder de klassiske heavy metal-dyder i hævd, der byder på tung og melodisk doom med masser af duellerende guitarer. Som special guests denne aften har vi desuden amerikanske Sourvein som har været et stærkt navn indenfor doom, sludge og crust de sidste 20 år, tyske Iron Walrus som forbinder doom og sludge sammen i et visuelt udtryk der har noget med hvalrosser at gøre.

Khemmis is an American doomed heavy metal band from Denver, Colorado.

Their debut record, 'Absolution,' earned the four-piece outright critical praise from the underground, including a slot on Decibel Magazine‘s “Top 40 Albums of the Year” list, which allowed them to start seeping into the mainstream consciousness. 2016's 'Hunted' helped break down those final barriers in the USA, earning Khemmis more widespread recognition, ranging from glowing reviews at Metal Sucks, Metal Injection and Pitchfork, to earning them a spot in Rolling Stone‘s “20 Best Metal Albums of 2016” list and Decibel‘s highly sought after Album of the Year accolade.

With their latest full-length record 'Desolation,' Khemmis have finally reached a more international audience, winning over hearts and minds across the globe. Though undeniably influenced by doom and classic metal, to tag the quartet with those labels doesn’t do justice to what they’ve accomplished. Theirs is a perfect representation of modern heavy metal that integrates the past in a way only possible with the faculty of hindsight. The album earned widespread critical praise from the global metal press and marked the band’s first appearance on the Billboard charts.

Their newest release, ‘Doomed Heavy Metal,’ is a unique collection of songs from the quartet. Side A includes a brand new cover of “Rainbow in the Dark” as well as a pair of rare singles--“A Conversation with Death” from the band’s 7” split with Spirit Adrift and “Empty Throne” from the Decibel Magazine Flexi Series. Side B highlights the power and emotional intensity the group wields onstage with a selection of live recordings from 2018’s “Two Nights of Doomed Heavy Metal.”

The ‘Doomed Heavy Metal’ EP is set for April 17th, 2020 release on Nuclear Blast Records (Digital only), while 20 Buck Spin Records will release the physical 12” for the world on April 18th (Record Store Day).

The band will celebrate the release of DHM with a return to Europe, including their first-ever UK performance as part of Desertfest London. Moreover, the band remains hard at work writing the follow up to ‘Desolation,’ which will be their first worldwide release with Nuclear Blast.

For over twenty years, Carolina Beach, North Carolina’s Sourvein front man and riffsculptor T-Roy has managed to keep the roving pirate ship that is his band afloat through sheer will alone. Pushing through poverty, the deaths of friends and family, bouts of severe depression, periods of alcohol abuse, and an absence of the stability provided by a consistent record label, T-Roy has over the course of two decades managed to build the band into a highly respected force in the metal, doom, sludge, and crust underground. On the strength of reputation alone, Sourvein has toured the States countless times and made several jaunts to Europe, the majority of the time without the benefit of a booking agent or any sort of concrete monetary guarantee. Because of T-Roy’s junk yard dog tenacity (and the respect he has earned amongst his peers in the extreme heavy music scene), over the years the band has hit the road with the likes of Saint Vitus, High On Fire, Bongzilla, The Candy Snatchers, Ehg, Glazed Baby, Coffins, Ramesses, Church of Misery, and Voivod to name just a few; winning fans of Sourvein‘s rumbling wall of riffs and anguished vocals all along the way. Over twenty long dues-paying years later, Sourvein has at long last found a proper home for their doom-laden Southern noise with legendary Metal Blade Records, and T-Roy couldn’t be happier. “Aquatic Occult“, the band’s first offering on the label, promises to be heavier than a two-ton anchor dropped into an antique porcelain bathtub– it’s going to break things. But getting here hasn’t been easy.

IRON WALRUS have made a name for themselves in the doom / sludge / metal scene. After 2 major European tours with CROWBAR (2014 & 2015), the German shows with ROOTS (Cavalera Brothers), OBITUARY, SODOM, TROUBLE, ST.VITUS, MANTAR & PENTAGRAM as well as appearances at Desert Fest London, Hammer of Doom, the Rockavaria Festival and the Stoned From The Underground Festival - they caused a lot of open mouths and sweaty hair. At the end of 2020, Iron Walrus will release their successor album.
Entré: 160 kr (inkl. gebyr) i forsalg / 180 kr i døren!

OBS // Koncerten foregår ikke 24 desember, vi opdatere med ny dato så snart vi har bekræftet en. // OBS

Det er med stor fornøjelse at vi kan invitere jer til amerikanske Khemmis for første gang på dansk jord, bandet holder de klassiske heavy metal-dyder i...