A smart and simple ticket system

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Everything you need - just a lot cheaper

We have created an all-in-one solution for the sale of tickets, goods and services. Our system covers the needs of the vast majority of organizers, regardless of size and type of activity. Here you get the functionality you need and only pay for it. This, together with ease of use, means that we can deliver our solution to what is always the cheapest solution for trading.

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Lowest commission. Guaranteed.

Tikkio was established by organizers who wanted an easier and cheaper alternative. We are still price pressures with only 4% commission per ticket sold, no fixed costs, hidden fees or charges. If you combine this with a proven solution that is easy to use and with little need for support, we believe that this may be the perfect ticket system for you. Tikko means less stress and more money left over for you as an organizer!

No lock-in period or expensive surprises

Tikkio has never had a lock-in period or exclusivity agreements. No organizers are with us because they have to. They are with us because they think we have the best combination of functionality, price and service. You can test us out without risk and leave us at any time. You are thus assured of a supplier who stays sharp at all times.

Free is free

Many organizers need a system to handle free tickets. With Tikkio you have a free ticket solution for this purpose. We have no fixed costs and free tickets cost nothing to convey through the system. Nor the tickets you choose to print yourself through the solution and sell over the counter or via invoice. We only take our small, low commission on sales via tikkio.com or in the app. We only earn a little, when you earn a lot.

Recurring payouts

With Tikkio, you have the opportunity to receive recurring payouts from your ticket sales through the solution. This means better liquidity and more predictability for you as an organizer. We are passionate about organizers having a better working day and recurring payouts can contribute to that. Recurring payouts will usually be underway a few weeks after registration, but sales can be started within 24 hours of registration.

Sell items for your event

Tikkio is not just a ticket system. You can also use it to sell accommodation, transport, food and drink, merchandise and everything else related to your event. It makes it easier for both you and the audience to get an overview of everything in one sales channel.

Do as thousands of other organizers

Tikkio started with nothing a few years ago, but has quickly become a ticket system and a product sales solution for organizers of all sizes, from the small to the medium and giant. The fact that thousands of organizers choose to use us is an assurance to you that our organizers think we are the best option on the market. If you become part of the Tikkio family, you will also have a community of knowledge sharing with all the other organizers.

Simple and clear system for everyone

The success of Tikkio lies primarily in satisfied users. We have created a ticket and item sales system that is easy to use for both end customers and organizers. This results in a low need for support and thus the market's lowest commission.

Cheapest with no hidden costs

Unfortunately, our industry has become masters at creating complicated price and fee models that make it difficult to get an overview of what the solution actually costs to use. This applies to both organizers and end customers. Furthermore, you will be able to experience that some costs run regardless of what turnover you have. With Tikkio, you only pay for achieved sales through the solution. All support for you and the end customer is baked into the low sales commission.

Tikkio pricing

Common expenses in the ticketing industry

Yes No
Credit card fee X
Fixed price per transaction X
Commission in addition to the ticket fee X
Functional limitations due to low cost X
Ticket fee per ticket sold X
Prepay a number of tickets to get a lower cost X
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