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Esperanto is a counterculture platform aiming to challenge the stablished and provide realistic alternatives to the norm. Our company name derives from the constructed language Esperanto, created in 1887 to serve as a universal bridge of communication, beyond geographical borders and cultural divisions. Everything we do is based on 3 key principles: • Transparency • Clear two ways communication is the key foundation of trust, and trust should be the center point of any relationship or endeavor. Therefore we aim to be open at all times regarding who we are, what our philosophy is, and what our business model looks like, as we want to archive a bilateral and long term relationship with our customers and partners based on mutual trust and goodwill. • Collaboration • We think that in union and diversity there is strength, as our different backgrounds and life experiences allow us to fill each other's gaps, this way elevating our group capacity to tackle any challenge. We want to create a strong community and an oasis detached from formalities and nonessentials, a place where everyone is welcome and feels at home, opening the doors to creativity and freedom of expression. • Responsibility • Social responsibility, environmental responsibility, financial responsibility... Our individual every day actions all carry with them reactions and consequences that not only shape us, but collectively also shape our world. By being aware of this, we have the duty to create a better present & future by making smart and conscious choices.

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