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Spillestedet Stengade

Spaceslug [PL] + Forming The Void [US] + Support: Rift Giant
Organizer Spillestedet Stengade
Venue Spillestedet Stengade
Stengade 18, København, Danmark
Date 03. May 2020
Open from 19:00 to 23:00

Sidst de var forbi blev vi næsten knust af af deres supertunge riffs, siden har vi fået nyt lydanlæg så nu kan vi for alvor ikke love hvad der kommer til med at ske når den massive rumsnegl spreder lyden af det kosmiske tomrum, universet kunne kollapse. Spaceslug hiver amerikanske Forming The Void med sig som spiller deres interdimensional sludge rock for første gang i Danmark. De lover en rejse ud over himlen, på tværs af galakserne med væg af støj og drømmende lydbilleder.

Billetsalg starter d.10 februar kl: 10

Formed in Wrocław,Poland in 2015 by guitarist Bartosz Janik and drummer Kamil Ziółkowski, Spaceslug was born a singularity; a rare and unusual discovery found deep amidst a cosmic multiverse of doom, stoner metal and progressive rock. Completing their lineup shortly after that initial bang with the arrival of Jan Rutka on bass, the trio soon began their journey through space and time, writing, recording and releasing debut album 'Lemanis' in 2016 on Oak Island Records to wide acclaim:

"If Black Sabbath's 'Planet Caravan' had riffs, it would sound like this album." - THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW

With Lemanis enthusiastically received on terra firma, Spaceslugʼs supermassive sound served as a flawless introduction to the band. Moments of dark desolation sidle up neatly alongside light and hope, titanic riffs and soar-away vocals, opening sonic gateways to
destinations throughout the hard rock underground from post metallic power to delicate desert soundscapes...all paving the way for the devastatingly brilliant follow-up, Time Travel Dilemma.

"Beautiful contrasts, pleasant detours, thoughtful phrasing, and vocal choices that smack of genius." - DOOMED & STONED

Released just a year after their debut, 'Time Travel Dilemma' instantly raised the stakes. Many doom bands master raw power and sheer weight, but few locate (or even seek) to balance such massiveness with quiet atmospherics and careful, conscientious balance. The album was a master stroke, and Spaceslug kept the
cosmic cannon firing beyond the stratosphere with their "Mountains & Reminiscence" EP released later the same year.

July 20th 2018 - the day of the official worldwide release of "Eye the Tide", the prolific trioʼs third full-length album and the closing entry in their personal trilogy.

Forming the Void:
Imagine you are a celestial traveler powering through the blinding lights at the end of the tunnel into the next world, crossing barriers of space and time without fear. Interdimensional shamanic sludge rockers Forming the Void are here to conjure an ecstatic trip of atmospheric wonder and immerse you in waves of psychedelia.

Topping the August Doom Charts, their fourth effort 'Rift' evokes the progressive and heavy tendencies of Mastodon and Torche, the psychedelic and soaring melodies of Pink Floyd, and rolling approach of Soundgarden. Swamp mud stuck to their feet as they trudge from South Central Louisiana, Forming the Void aren't afraid to slow things to a crawl.

Their otherworldly sound has earned them spots on large festivals such as Psycho Las Vegas, Denver's Electric Funeral Fest, EndHipEndIt, Stoner Daze and Stoner Jam at SXSW, The Maryland Doom Fest, and Descendants of Crom. Transcend through space and time with Forming the Void as they traverse the cosmic murk.

Rift Giant:
Rift Giant are a two piece sludge/stoner metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark who deliver a twisted concoction of driving rhythms and groovy riffs. The word ‘ballad’ does not feature in their musical vocabulary. Rift Giant’s philosophy is simple: You go hard or you go home.

Inspired by bands like High on Fire, Doctor Smoke and Mastodon, Rift Giant play with a high level of energy that simply doesn’t let up.

Their debut EP Tremors was released at the end of 2017 and their full length album Avalanche followed at the start of 2019.
Entré: 115 kr (inkl. gebyr) i forsalg / 130 kr i døren!

Sidst de var forbi blev vi næsten knust af af deres supertunge riffs, siden har vi fået nyt lydanlæg så nu kan vi for alvor ikke love hvad der kommer til med at ske når den massive rumsnegl spreder lyden af det kosmiske tomrum, universet kunne kollapse. Spaceslug hiver...

Spaceslug [PL] + Forming The Void [US] + Support: Rift Giant 110 DKK

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