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Spillestedet Stengade

Green Lung [UK] + Special Guests: King Witch [UK] + Bogwife
Organizer Spillestedet Stengade
Venue Spillestedet Stengade
Spillestedet Stengade
Date Wednesday 20. April 2022
Open from 20:00 to 23:59

Folk horror og sort magi på Stengade når britiske Green Lung spiller Danmark for første gang! Med King Witch med sig er der i den grad lagt op til en aften af stoner, heavy metal og sabath worship.
Kom forbi hvor vi fejrer geden!

"Green Lung er en stråle af lys, i den moderne, dystopiske musikscene" -

Anmeldelse fra Devilution af det nye album 'Black Harvest' som de også udnævnt som en af de fem bedste plader i oktober 2021.

Green Lung:
In four short years of existence, Green Lung have risen from the murk of the UK heavy underground to become a true cult band with a devoted following. Debut album Woodland Rites, released independently in early 2019, quickly garnered attention, resulting in a single being named ‘Track of the Week’ in the Guardian, plays on Daniel P. Carter’s Radio One Rock Show, a tour with fellow UK heavies Puppy and festival appearances across Europe.

This brought the band to the attention of the wider music industry, and after multiple offers from a variety of labels, the band decided to stay true to their roots and sign with the Finnish audio wizards at Svart Records, home to several of their doomy inspirations including Reverend Bizarre and Warning. Svart’s deluxe reissue of the album, and the preceding EP Free the Witch, sold out several pressings.

Two years later, the folk horror-obsessed fivesome have re-emerged from their mulchy catacombs armed with dozens of freshly-whittled riffs. Black Harvest, the sequel to Woodland Rites, is a more colourful reimagining of the band’s sound – Dawn of the Dead to its predecessor’s Night of the Living Dead.

Recorded at Giant Wafer Studios in rural mid-Wales over the course of two weeks with longtime producer Wayne Adams (Petbrick, Big Lad), it’s a more expansive and textured record than anything the band have done before, boasting a cinematic quality and more attention to detail. All samples were sourced from the local countryside and from instruments found in the studio, including the haunting opening vocal of ‘The Harrowing’ which was recorded on a whim after the band broke into the local church (the organ can be heard creaking in the background). The album was recorded in late autumn, and the seasonal atmosphere seeped into the music, which is redolent of mists, falling leaves, and the crumbling glory of the Magnificent Seven cemeteries of London, the city the band call home.

King Witch:
Formed in late 2015 in a dark cavern beneath the streets of old Edinburgh, a lead-heavy brew of old school Metal and the meatiest of 70’s classic rock emerges in the form of King Witch. Bristling with dark majesty, they draw comparisons ranging from Black Sabbath and Candlemass to Mastodon and High On Fire. The band quickly earned themselves a reputation as a formidable live act and have toured the UK and Europe as well as playing festivals such as Sweden Rock, Muskel Rock, Malta Doom Fest, Dutch Doom Days and Siege of Limerick. After self releasing their extremely well received EP “Shoulder of Giants”, the band were picked up by French label Listenable Records through which they released their debut album “Under The Mountain” in February 2018. King Witch’s highly anticipated second album “Body of Light”, which further focuses their ability to fuse dense riffage with haunting yet powerful vocal lines and melodies was released worldwide via Listenable Records on the 24th April 2020 and has been received by the press and public to high critical acclaim. “Body of Light’s” wider dynamic range takes the listener on an electrifying journey from dark, brooding passages through to full-tilt Heavy Metal glory.

Bogwife is a four-piece stoner rock band that blends its sound with elements of doom and psychedelic. The band is from Aalborg, Denmark, and was formed in 2018. Bogwife takes its name from an old southern Scandinavian folktale about a mythical creature that lives in the bog
and creates a thick mist that sometimes encapsulates rural areas.
Entré: 135 kr (inkl.gebyr) i forsalg / 160 kr i døren!

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Folk horror og sort magi på Stengade når britiske Green Lung spiller Danmark for første gang! Med King Witch med sig er der i den grad lagt op til en aften af stoner, heavy metal og sabath worship.
Kom forbi hvor vi fejrer geden!

"Green Lung er en stråle...

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Green Lung [UK] + Special Guests: King Witch [UK] 135,00 DKK
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