Moviestar + Maria Due // Vaktbua

Vaktbua - Odderøya
21. June 2017
Doors open at 18:00
Doors closes at 01:00
Event starts at 21:00

From the ashes of the metal wars rose a new breed of musicians. They swore to protect and serve all things sacred in music. They were soldiers from the future, traveling back in time to change the course of mandkind for the better. They fought with swords held high in hand!
They were undefeatable!
They were MOVIESTAR!
The legacy begins NOW!

Guardian of Time: Infinity Vik
Cosmic Interval Calculator: The Octupus Godess:
Man of War: Anaconda

Maria Due:
Lillesandsjenta med den vakreste stemmen. Helt perfekt for å sette oss i modus til å redde musikken og verden!!

This event has concluded already.