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Spillestedet Stengade

Frayle [US] + Shaam Larein [SE]
Organizer Spillestedet Stengade
Venue Spillestedet Stengade
Spillestedet Stengade
Date 10. November 2022
Open from 20:00 to 23:59

Tung hekse doom møder drømmende pop og sårbarhed når amerikanske Frayle spiller på Stengade sammen mørkets dronning - Shaam Larein.

FFO: Chelsea Wolfe, Messa, Emma Ruth Rundle

Frayle makes music for the night sky. The group was formed in 2017 by guitarist Sean Bilovecky (formerly of now-defunct Man's Ruin recording artists Disengage) and vocalist Gwyn Strang, a singer with an alluring voice and an equally compelling flair for imagery. Frayle’s “lullabies over chaos” approach to songwriting allows the group the freedom to explore what is possible with heavy music; its gorgeously ominous sound a result of complex layering and tone stacking while simultaneously overseeing the perfectly delicate balance between heaving, heavy riffs and haunting vocal melodies. With its full-length debut, '1692', Frayle pushes the immense intensity and gorgeous ache of its unique sound and style through to uncompromising new plateaus. While there is much darkness on the record, it’s also contrasted superbly with beauty, both fragile and fierce, in a way that feels weightless rather than plummeting, as if release truly is a possibility.

Complex layering and tone stacking is a hallmark of their music. Each musical element is thoughtfully composed resulting in a unique combination of midrange-heavy guitars, syncopated rhythms, and unexpected vocal progressions.

Gwyn tells stories of heart break, anger, hypocrisy and resolution, asking the audience for empathy, and in turn inspiring vulnerability.

Drawing inspiration from bands like Sleep, Portishead, Beastwars, Blonde Redhead, Kyuss, Massive Attack, Down, Chelsea Wolfe, and many more, Frayle exists at the intersection of doom and dream pop.

"Invoking the ethereal post-metal of Emma Ruth Rundle and Chelsea Wolfe’s dark sonic palette, Frayle craft a modern style of doom that’s remains clean despite its heaviness. The soaring “Burn” is a highlight of 1692, so it’s no surprise the band chose to produce the video and give the track special treatment" - Consequence of Sound

"If you're in the mood for thunderous doom with Portishead-esque vocals overtop, you're going to need Frayle in your life." - Kerrang

Shaam Larein:
From intense self-reflection to therapeutic comfort, exploration of dark corners of your mind you tried to keep constrained, or finding strength you didn’t know you possessed – the Shaam Larein universe is diverse and unexpected.

“What you can be sure of is brutal honesty exposing a raw state of mind without sugar-coating part of life’s devastating nature. ”/ Vladimir Gospodinov.

Shaam Larein started in 2018. The music is written by Shaam herself, but with the bands perspective, and ideas makes the sound complete.
It is aggressive and passionate, dramatic at the same time as the melodies become rawer live.

The music has seeped out to a wide audience. She is called the Queen of Darkness like her musical sister *Chelsea Wolfe* from across the Atlantic, but the tone is completely unique.

"I want it to feel like being stabbed with a knife. To open a door to a staircase that makes one step into the abyss, to see things for what they are. It does not feel interesting to place myself in a genre, I create what is in me based on what I go through, and what has come out of me so far can certainly be considered dark."

"Shaam Larein feel the music in their bones – the stage presence is overwhelming in the best possible way. The gloomy vibe of most songs quickly shifts to a grand, confident one with even more powerful instrumentals and passionate vocal delivery than what you hear on the recordings of the songs. ”/Vladimir Gospodinov

Subsequent years of silence were the catalyst to create the music that takes shape within ‘Sculpture’ which was released in 2020.
When the pandemic became a fact, Shaam had to cancel her first tour that would take her from Stockholm down to southernmost Europe, with the Roskilde festival as the heart of the journey ahead. She has made several gigs scheduled during the pandemic, but has chosen to focus on recording a new record that will be released in 2022.
Entré: 125 kr (inkl.gebyr) i forsalg / 140 kr i døren!

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Tung hekse doom møder drømmende pop og sårbarhed når amerikanske Frayle spiller på Stengade sammen mørkets dronning - Shaam Larein.

FFO: Chelsea Wolfe, Messa, Emma Ruth Rundle

Frayle makes music for the night sky. The group was...

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