Franje Arendal - Voice & Breath workshop med Mocca

Bølgen Dansestudio
28. July 2017
Doors open at 10:00
Doors closes at 13:00[%7B%22surface%22%3A%22create_dialog%22

I fjor bergtok Mocca fra Japan Arendals publikum med sin helt unike stemme. I år kommer hun tilbake til Arendal for å holde konsert og workshop. Dette er en sjelden mulighet til å lære mer om pust og stemme fra en fantastisk utøver!
Mocca sier selv om workshopen:
"In this workshop Mocca will work with voice yoga & breathing techniques as well as classical singing skills to bring the freedom out in everbodys voice & movement while singing.
Also, she will use body movement with your voice and breathing to adjust your whole body with your own rhythm. You will feel naturally how your body want to move from your inside to outside.
In individual and group exercises she will lead us with her own unique warmhearted way through our whole body, through our bones and breath to tones we didn’t even knew about. Her method, her knowledge not only about voice but also about yoga, Butoh dance and traditional japanese and indian meditation techniques combined with her amazing personality bring out an enormous success."
Mocca på Soundcloud:

This event has concluded already.