The Digital Wave and How to Surf it

Møllergata 4, Oslo
26. September 2017
Doors open at 08:00
Doors closes at 09:00
Event starts at 09:00

Learn how you can navigate the changes in an increasingly digital world and adapt your business model to embrace change. It is about understanding your users and the megatrends they experience to create design-driven innovation. It is all about embracing change. It’s about being user-centric. And it is about you moving fast enough to surf the wave as not to drown.

Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies will share with you what is overhyped and what is worth considering in the fast-moving field of digitalisation. Airthings, the company behind the world’s first smart consumer radon detector and Piql, the provider of a secure and future-proof way of preserving valuable digital data, will share how they have used design and innovated for the future, answered to the megatrends, rigged for change and answering to user needs.

EGGS will share insights and give you practical advice on how can you spot user-needs and design your business model to the changes in your surroundings. Finally, we’ll share how you can engage and empower your colleagues and your organization to enable change, to implement and draw all benefits from an innovative design solution.

As an intermezzo, hear 17 innovative projects in 17 minutes that answer to the 17 Global Sustainability Goals.


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