Creating successful connections between research and business

28. September 2017
Doors open at 08:30
Doors closes at 12:00
Event starts at 09:00

Get inspiration and insight from stories of successful meetings between research and business. Examples will represent various sectors, small and big enterprises, projects involving young talents, and implementation towards commercialisation.

Enthusiastic speakers will share their stories on how they have successfully combined research with a company's business plan to create new value. The speakers have received grants from the Research Council.

The stories told will show how…
- research can benefit companies in different sectors
- SMEs can successfully implement research
- to make business opportunities out of grand challenges
- to involve students and young talents
- research can help companies find new markets, locally and globally
- to gain easy access to research and researchers

This event is part of a collaboration between Oslo Innovation Week and National Science Week. Thursday at The dome will be about research and innovation. Check out the rest of the programme and spend the day with us.

This event has concluded already.