Plastic and the Whale - Let's solve one of society's biggest challenges

SALT Arena, Árdna
26. September 2017
Doors open at 08:00
Doors closes at 11:30
Event starts at 08:30

In the winter of 2017 a dead whale with more than 30 plastic bags in its stomach landed on the Norwegian coast. Plastic pollution is one of the world's fastest growing environmental problems, and if we don't take action, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050. 

It is critical that we find solutions today to prevent more plastic from finding the way in to the sea, and that we clean up what is already there.

Companies play a crucial role for the society we live in and the future we create for ourselves. They are part of the solution and can create business along the way. By gathering large and small, private and public, start-ups and non-profit organizations we will find attractive solutions for all bottom lines; people, planet & profit.

Through Floke – a program for sustainable innovation, we will develop new solutions to save the oceans from plastic pollution. Interdisciplinary collaboration, strategic innovation, business development and design thinking are tools Floke uses to create the future.

Sign up and join us here if your organization wants to play an active role in Floke – Plastic and the Whale. 

NB! The event will be in Norwegian.

The event is part of Oslo Innovation Week 2017.
Every afternoon from 5pm we hope you’ll join us at the OIW Afterwork at SALT. Visit for full program and join the conversation on #oiw2017.

This event has concluded already.