NETWORKING like a like a PRO - It’s not WHAT you know but WHO you know...

27. September 2017
Doors open at 17:00
Doors closes at 17:45

Without the right connections an idea is just an idea. Business is done between people. But how do you engage the right people in the first place? How do you approach them? How do retain their interest – and is it actually possible to get into a whole new network without a pre-existing connection?

Whilst networking is not an exact science, this session will give you the skills needed to build the bridges into the communities and people that will help scale your company. Language, for one thing, is important. The english language is one with many nuances that can get lost in translation. With their Norwegian background, Martin and Åse will also provide a number of pointers for the benefit of Norwegian “don’t come here and come here” mindset that can prove challenging to international relationship building.

Come and learn the skills of human connectivity with Martin and Åse. Judging by the exponential growth of Artificial Intelligence, this may soon be the most important skill we have.

This event has concluded already.