Circular Economy - we make it fun!

Oslo Science Park (Forskningsparken)
27. September 2017
Doors open at 15:00
Doors closes at 18:00
Event starts at 15:15

Have you already heard about the phenomenon Circular Economy? Apparently it is the future. But what is it? Could it be your ‘unique selling point’? In the Netherlands many companies have already made a succesful transition for example Philips’ with its “Circular Lightning” initiative . We have invited Amsterdam based Circle Economy to share with the secrets of becoming a circular business. During an interactive afternoon we will explain what Circular Economy is, how your company can benefit from turning from a linear business to a circular model and together with brand new Norwegian company Greater than A we will discuss the opportunities, but also the challenges. Curious to know what circular economy is before the event? Follow us on Facebook!

We promise an informative, fun and interactive afternoon. Join us!

NB: If you particpate in this event you get a discount for the Corporate Innovation Day which takes place earlier that same day and same location!

The event is part of Oslo Innovation Week 2017.
Every afternoon from 5pm we hope you’ll join us at the OIW Afterwork at SALT. Visit for full program and join the conversation on #oiw2017.

This event has concluded already.

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