The Science of Happiness

26. September 2017
Doors open at 20:00
Doors closes at 22:00

This experiential workshop investigates the latest research on well-being and offers practical exercises to help people and organisations flourish. It highlights why organisations can learn from the latest insights on human well-being and help managers, executives and employees make a positive impact on their organisations. Jack Hubbard, founder of digital marketing agency Propellernet, use out of the box thinking and a focus on staff wellbeing as the building blocks of their business, which makes them thrive. Propellernet is not only recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in the UK, but they also see a close correlation with greater performance and productivity. Martine Kveim, founder of Young Happy Professionals translates the findings from top experts in the field into easy-to-understand language.

"A happy mind is rigged for success! This is an inspiring and heartfelt workshop for startups, investors and professionals that captures the millennials mindset" - Johan Brand, founder of Kahoot

"The Science of Happiness' workshop hands an organization the foundational understanding or how to build a happy and purposeful mission; by empowering their members to understand mission and purpose at the individual level. I highly recommend it for everyone working to build a cohesive, purpose driven organization" - Bill Tai, VC, Educator and Athlete

"It is really interesting to hear how you can change your level of performance simply by changing your mindset. It was a unique and very enjoyable workshop" - President, Cass Consulting Society, Cass Business School

This event is part of Oslo Innovation Week 2017.

Every afternoon from 5pm we hope you’ll join us at the OIW Afterwork at SALT. Visit for full program and join the conversation on #oiw2017

This event has concluded already.

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