Baby In Vain (DK) / Krøsset / Support: Sassy Kraimspri

01. February 2018
Doors open at 20:00
Doors closes at 03:00

This event has concluded already.

Support: Sassy Kraimspri
CC: 200kr
Aldersgrense: 20 år

Emerging from Copenhagen in a squall of killer riffs and ferocious punk energy, Danish three-piece Baby In Vain are set to release one of 2017’s most exciting guitar albums. They are singer-songwriter-guitarists Lola Hammerich and Andrea Thuesen Joahansen and drummer Benedicte Pierleoni.
The heaviness of the music they make together is underscored by the dark wit of their lyrics. The band say their songs simply reflect raw human emotions. “Sometimes life is dark, I think most people can agree on that,” says Andrea. “Often we write about the things in our lives that are somewhat painful, weird or incomprehensible.”
All three are still in their early 20s, but if their debut record sounds like the work of seasoned pros that’s because it is. They started early. Lola and Benedicte first jammed together when they were 12 and 14 respectively, on an after-school music programme. They soon kicked out all the other members of their band. In 2010 they met Andrea at a mutual friend’s show. She asked: “Don’t you want a third member?”, and added that she’d already thought of the perfect band name: “Baby In Vain.”
Andrea had been inspired by the Soulsavers’ song ‘Unbalanced Pieces’, when Mark Lanegan sings: “Mother, mother, in vain.” “I just thought it sounded so goddamn cool,” she says. Back then, Lola was already writing heavy, stoner rock influenced by her favourite group, Kyuss. Before long, Andrea introduced her to a galvanising swathe of new bands including Soulsavers but also Sonic Youth, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Jesus and Mary Chain. “I think we just combined everything we liked and made up a genre of our own,” says Andrea. “That’s what made sense to us.”

Sassy Kraimspri
Sassy Kraimspri hadde en fantastisk 2017 med radiorotasjon både nasjonalt og internasjonalt, sommerfestivalbonanza på noen av Norges nydeligste og største festivaler- og åpningsgigs for noen av deres største forbilder (Death Valley Girls (US), The Dogs og Against Me! (US))
Stavanger-bandet annonserer nihilistiske, apokalypsefestesangen sin «I Don’t Wanna», ute over alt den 16. februar. En verdig oppfølger til fingeren i været på siste singel «You’d Better Listen», og en sparke-ifra-seg reaksjon til disse atomkrig/slavehandel/#metoo tider.

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