Indiefjord 2018

14-15. July 2018
Doors open at 11:00
Doors closes at 03:00

Indiefjord is a friendly, little indiepop festival in Bjørke, Norway, overlooking the beautiful Hjørundfjord. We are bringing indiepop to the fjords once again, 14-15 July 2018. Bands from all over the world will once again fill the village with music.

There will be evening concerts at Haukly on the Saturday and Sunday like previous years.

Daytime activities and concerts will be taking place around the village, and will be announced at a later stage. Some activities will be familiar ones to Indiefjord regulars, and there will be some new additions.

Fjord swimming is highly encouraged, as is improvised ukulele playing and making new friends. We are hoping the weather permits the annual guided waterfall hike!

The Burning Hell (CA)
Stars in Coma (SE)
Stíne Norse (NO/UK)
Stig Ulv (NO)

Indiefjord is a festival where you'll meet new friends and old friends. We do not tolerate racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, ableism or bullying of any kind.

Hopefully see you in July, lovely people.

Team Indiefjord

PS: You can book a bus ticket here, too. Before booking a bus ticket, do email us on with your flight times. We offer a bus service on the Friday and Monday only, and this will be first and foremost for people flying in. Timings will be decided based on when most people's flights arrive so you may have to wait in stunning Ålesund for a few hours.

Ticket name Choose amount
Sunday Ticket 430 NOK
Saturday Ticket 430 NOK
Weekend Ticket 650 NOK