Woodland // Krøsset

21. April 2018
Doors open at 20:00
Doors closes at 03:00

Aldersgrense: 20 år

Considering how long rock and roll and the blues have been known to the world, the countless contributors and inceptions having seen the light of day; you would hardly bat an eye at someone claiming to have heard it all and seen it all. Yet, with its second album the Norwegian five-piece Woodland inexplicably jumps off the page. It is ragged, dirty, and in-your-face. Just how you like it. Their 2014 self-titled debut album bridged the gap between rock and delta blues, as well as finesse and grit. Refusing to leave any creative stone unturned, their current efforts lean more towards the rock attitude of the 1970s, but still that muddy feel of the Mississippi delta is never far away. With their energetic delivery Woodland's natural undeniability is apparent to all. Outdoorsmen and city dwellers alike.

This event has concluded already.

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