Atmasfera Norway 2018 - Trondheim

Kjøpmannsgata 12, 3 etg.
29. September 2018
Doors open at 19:30
Doors closes at 20:00

Authentic, striking, yet sublime - Atmasfera shares more than music. Their music style hybridizes ethnic elements, such as ancient mantras in Sanskrit, within a contemporary indie music frame. Similar bands include Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Beirut, Mumford & Sons, Of Monsters and Men, etc. Leading the band, the extraordinary twin sisters Yamuna and Kalindi inspire their audience around the world with heart-warming vocals and tunes from flute, keyboard, harmonium, and more. They are accompanied by Timur (drums, darbuka), Janardana (vocals, bass guitar), Dennis (acoustic guitar, dombra), and Sergiy (electric guitar)

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This event has concluded already.

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